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1:1 School Support NPA

Our highly educated staff regularly provides 1:1 social-emotional behavioral therapy in school, in the home, and in the community.

Our State-approved NPA (Non-Public Agency) contracts with your school district to offer a unique kind of support for your child or teen. We use a developmental, relationship-based approach to working with behavioral difficulties. Our master’s and doctoral level student clinicians use Greenspan’s wonderful DIR Floortime evidence-based method to capitalize on the student’s unique interests and to work around the neuropsychological challenges to help children flourish in their environment. In other words, in place of behaviorism, our treatment approach is a humanistic model of whole-child development occurring through the support of warm, attuned relationship partners who challenge the child or teen to move up the social-emotional developmental ladder in each interaction.

Since 1999, we have been providing 1:1 aides in the school or home part-time or full-time to help a student learn to use relationships to get regulated, to engage robustly with others in the social environment, and to become creative, joyful initiators of ideas, play, and solutions.

Our sophisticated specialists view each student as much more than a diagnosis – through the DIR focus on understanding individual differences, we see a whole person.  Likewise we treat each challenging behavior as much more than just a problem to eradicate – through the Floortime valuing of self-awareness and self-determination, we see problem behaviors as a clue to a basic need that has not been met. We have a highly effective means to empower clients to learn more functional ways of getting their needs met, to grow into themselves, and to function well in a school community and in the family. We also support parents and school staff to be more effective through consultation and coaching. 

If you need a referral to a Special Needs Attorney or Advocate to work on requesting this service through the IEP process, we have several wonderful referrals for you -- contact us through [email protected] or 626-795-7910

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