1:1 School Support NPA

 Greenhouse has proven success at providing effective 1:1 aides and training special education aides for Pasadena Unified, San Marino Unified, and Glendale Unified School Districts through individual contracts for Department of Education services called “BII”, “BID”, “Counseling”, and/or “Consultation”.

Case supervision of the 1:1 aide is provided weekly by Cherisse Sherin, MA, DIR Certified Expert Trainer, Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning (ICDL). Cherisse has 30+ years of experience in child development school consultation in order to provide additional adaptation to the student’s unique support needs as informed by the DIR/Floortime approach, blended developmental-behavioral models, Neurorelational Framework, poly-vagal theory, trauma-informed approaches, child development, etc.

  • Our evidence-based approach is grounded in child development and neurodevelopmental research and DIR/Floortime theory.
  •  The aide develops with the student a secure attachment relationship to support the student’s growth in meeting social-emotional and cognitive developmental goals.
  •  Security and trust are built through sensitive attunement to the student’s sensory and emotional needs in the moment.
  •  The secure base relationship allows students to reliably co-regulate with the trusted adult and thereby learn more resilient and robust self-regulation strategies.
  •  Regulation of the autonomic nervous system is established first in any setting or time frame so that the student is ready and able to take in school environment behavioral cues, social cues, and educational content.
  •  Students learn to self-advocate to help meet their regulation needs.
  • School staff team learn helpful strategies for meeting the student’s particular individual profile of specific needs through ongoing consultation.