Cynthia Johnson-George, Ph.D.

Cynthia Johnson GeorgeDr. Cynthia Johnson-George is a licensed clinical psychologist and California native who came to Pasadena from the suburbs of Washington D.C., where she maintained a psychotherapy practice for over 30 years. A graduate of Occidental College, she earned a Ph.D. in social and developmental psychology from Tufts University and completed additional clinical training at Boston Children’s Hospital and Mt Zion Hospital in San Francisco. She works with children, adolescents, adults and couples, as well as families.

 Areas of interest include parent-child relationships broadly defined, addressing issues from preschool years through adolescence and encompassing preparation of expectant parents, intervening with post-partum concerns and assisting with the separation-individuation conflicts of adolescence.  A primary focus with all clients is on identifying individual differences in temperament and the developmental challenges each individual may face, as a consequence. This understanding is essential for crafting appropriate parenting, teaching and disciplinary strategies as well as providing a basis for an enriched understanding of relationships in families and in communities. Similarly her work with couples is informed by the need for each partner to appreciate the uniqueness of the other -- temperamentally, historically and culturally -- to enhance communication and mutual respect. She also has an interest in assisting families that are facing or responding to significant life changes, such as adoption, preparation for college, losses or moves to new communities.

Dr. Johnson-George embodies our mission with her understanding of the therapeutic relationship and its power to bring about change and enhanced possibilities. Using a variety of therapeutic techniques to create a holding environment or shared space between therapist and client for play, exploration, imagining, uncovering and creating is the goal. Enhanced playfulness and creativity as well as a new understanding of oneself and others are outcomes she seeks, as these are well-known fundamentals in the lives of mentally healthy individuals.

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License & Certification:
California Licensed Psychologist  PSY 5894

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