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Interested in our services?

Please refer to the FAQ below before scheduling a meeting.

Q: Is Greenhouse Therapy Center accepting new patients?

A: Before taking on any new patients,  a meeting with our director Dr. Andrea Davis is required. 

Q: What happens in this meeting?

A: Our director, Dr. Andrea Davis, is available for a one-time only meeting for a fee of $170 in which she will assess the situation, recommend a variety of potential solutions, and refer the best providers in the area, possibly at Greenhouse Therapy Center, depending on the specific approach needed, scheduling match, and payment flexibility. For psychological counseling, our availability is so limited we unfortunately cannot guarantee on-going care at this time. For psychological testing, diagnostic assessment, or psychoeducational evaluations there is currently a 6- to 7-month waitlist.  For Floortime services, there is currently an 18- month waitlist. 

One-time meetings with Dr. Andrea Davis have a two month wait. If you would like to book a one-time meeting please do so below. 

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