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 Q: Is Greenhouse Therapy Center accepting new patients?

A: For psychological counseling, our availability is so limited we unfortunately cannot guarantee on-going care at this time. Please complete the appointment request form or email i[email protected] to inquire about availability for psychological counseling. 

Q: Do providers at Greenhouse Therapy Center accept insurance?

A:  For various reasons, some of our therapists accept insurance and some do not. Please specify whether you plan to use insurance coverage or private pay for our services when filling out the appointment request form or when you email [email protected] 

Q: Is there a waiting list for the DIR/Floortime program? How do I add my child to the waiting list for in-home DIR/Floortime services?

A: There is a waiting list for our DIR/Floortime program. Please visit our DIR/Floortime program for more information and schedule a meeting with our Director, Dr. Andrea Davis to proceed with services. We require all clients seeking to enroll in our DIR/Floortime program to meet with the Director before moving forward with our services.

If you would like to book a meeting with Greenhouse Director, click the button below.  

*Due to COVID-19, all meetings are being done virtually*

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