Patient Rights - HIPAA Policies and No Surprises Act Policy/Good Faith Estimates

If you plan to pay for healthcare services at Greenhouse Therapy Center out-of-pocket (i.e., you do not plan to bill insurance for these services), you have the right to receive a Good Faith Estimate for the anticipated cost of the services you will receive.

Here are key points you should be aware of: 
Right to Request: You have the right to request a Good Faith Estimate before receiving therapy services. This allows you to understand and be informed about the potential costs associated with your treatment. 

Timely Disclosure: We are committed to providing you with a Good Faith Estimate in person or via mail in a timely manner.

Billing Transparency: This initiative is part of our commitment to transparency in billing. We believe that informed clients make empowered decisions about their healthcare.

To request a Good Faith Estimate or if you have any questions regarding the No Surprises Act and your rights, please contact your clinician or email [email protected].