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We offer ongoing introductory and advanced clinical training and staff employment positions in relational models of intervention for children and adults. We train therapists at the following levels (see spontaneous testimonials below).

Part-time Child & Family Play Therapy Specialist (DIR/Floortime Specialist)

Want to have fun and get paid? Get training and child and family experience? 

Work with young children and teens with special needs and their families! Get training and supervision in DIR/Floortime developmental intervention for children w/ developmental disabilities, individual/group, and family coaching

--Limited number of paid Associate positions for those who have obtained their master's degree and are  gaining hours toward licensure as an LMFT, LCSW, LPCC in our DIR/Floortime Intensive Intervention Program:
- BBS Child and Family hours available (after 3-month discretionary period of working with families)

- after built schedule up to providing a minimum of 10 client hours per week 
- 2 - 4 hours of group supervision with video review/ 1-3 hours per month of live supervision 

Read the full job description: Part-Time Child & Family Play Therapy Specialist

Please apply directly to job posting OR by emailing your CV and 3 email addresses of references who have observed you working with children to [email protected]

Clinical Psychology Practicum "Additional Clinical Experience" hours (if approved by your graduate program) 

- Developmental Assessment using the DIR/Floortime model
- in-home family developmental intervention sessions
- in-home or at school individual play therapy sessions
- in-center peer play group
Licensed MFT/LPCC/Clinical Psychologist staff positions (percentage of client fees)

- Long-term psychotherapy with adults, couples, families, teens, children
- Your choice of client population!
- Psychodynamic play therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy with children
- Parent consultation

- DIR/Floortime Certification national training paid for
- Practice growth and development, community speaking, supervision of interns and trainees 

DIR/Floortime Clinical Supervisor position
- 3 - 4 hours per week
- Oversee staff development and case management
- Train masters and doctoral level interventionists
- Consult with parents regarding their children's development and individual differences
- Consult with Director on program development in team meeting with other Floortime supervisors

Please apply by emailing your CV and 3 email addresses of references who have observed you working with children to [email protected]

Recent Testimonials from Trainees


"As I progress through my clinical psychology internship, I gain a better awareness of how indebted to you I am for my professional development. Thank you for your investment into me as a professional, clinician, and person. I frequently think in terms of attachment, co-regulation, structuring capacities, building on strengths, extending and playing in creative engagements, and prizing the therapeutic relationship....I wish you all the best and thank you for investing into me. Warmest regards." 
--Rosemead School of Psychology 6th year student

"The last few weeks have been a time of reflection on my time in graduate school over the last 5 years, and more specifically, the people who have made my tie meaningful and helped shape me into a therapist. Of course, you have been on my mind! As the longest-lasting supervisor I've had, I attribute much of my therapeutic development to you. Thank yo for always considering my individual differences, for investing in a relationship with me (filled with patience, attunement, empathy, and appropriate challenge), and lastly, for your awareness of my ongoing development. I am, most definitely, a stronger therapist (and person) because of you, Andrea Davis!. Grace and peace."
--Fuller School of Psychology 5th year student
"I want to thank you for your enthusiastic support and encouragement in my professional development as a psychotherapist and Floortime Specialist. I was placed at clinical internship first choice, and am excited about beginning next year. Again, thank you. Blessings."
--Rosemead School of Psychology 5th year student
"Thank you for taking the chance on me as a Floortime Specialist, a clinician, a field supervisor, and training leader. There isn't enough space in this or any card to list all the ways I have grown and changed while working here and it might minimize the meaningfulness to try. So simply Thank you. I could not have become the person and professional I am without you. Blessings."
--Fuller School of Psychology 6th year student

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