Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage for Mental Health &

Occupational Therapy Services at Greenhouse

Greenhouse clinicians offering psychotherapy and psychological testing are covered in-network with two of the largest insurance companies in the nation:

1. Anthem Blue Cross

2. Aetna / Meritain (except for Occupational Therapy)

We are out of network for all other insurance plans, such as Blue Shield, and your clinician can provide you with a superbill for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement if you have  a PPO insurance plan and/or an additional HSA/FSA plan.

Please note that often Anthem Blue Cross does "carve out" your mental health benefits to Optum; this means you would not have in-network insurance coverage at Greenhouse.

Please ask your insurance provider for the "Provider ID" or "claims mailing address" of your mental health insurance to make sure you have in-network benefits at Greenhouse.