Testing & Diagnostic Assessment

Greenhouse Therapy Center offers skillful and individualized diagnostic psychological and psychoeducational testing for children, adolescents, and adults to provide recommendations that help target treatment planning and life planning. Our evaluations can help to assign or clarify certain diagnoses, including a specific learning disorder, autism spectrum disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, mood, and behavior disorders. We distill a large array of standardized scores along with qualitative data to make specific recommendations for adaptations or accommodations to support you in your particular situation at home, work, and/or school.

Testing can determine:
 Cognitive/Intellectual functioning
 Developmental functioning
 Academic skills
 Attention/Concentration
 Visual/Motor functioning
 Social functioning
 Behavioral functioning
 Emotional functioning

Our evaluation includes an initial interview to gather background history, which helps tailor the testing sessions. Testing typically takes 15-25 service hours, including 5-10 individual testing hours. It also involves collaboration with other professionals, teachers, and parents (if applicable). Results of the assessment can help clarify certain diagnoses, describe the client’s current areas of functioning, and provide clinical recommendations of ways to support the client in areas of difficulty.

Fees: The charge for a psychodiagnostic assessment is $2,750. Testing may be covered in part by your insurance company. Contact Greenhouse for more information on how to check your insurance coverage.

If you'd like more information regarding diagnostic assessment, fees, or possible insurance coverage, please fill out the appointment request form or email [email protected] for more information.

COVID-19 Update: Our testing services have now been adapted to comply with state and local health guidelines to protect families and staff from the spread of the virus. This includes some virtual and remote testing where applicable. Please contact Greenhouse for more details on these modifications.