Body Work Discipline

Reflexology: Reflexology is a healing art that traces its origins back to ancient Egypt. It is based upon the theory that there are 10 unique energy zones that run through the length of the body and that there are corresponding reflex areas in the feet that correspond to these zones and thus to all the major organs, glands, and body parts. By applying a special type of steady, even pressure to the feet, reflexology produces dynamic healing and relaxation to all parts of the body. This deep relaxed state is the optimum state for the body to be in in order to do its best at healing itself.

Polarity Therapy: Polarity therapy is an energy-based system of bodywork founded by Dr.Randolph Stone, chiropractor, osteopath and naturopath, who combined Eastern principles of healing with Western thinking. The universal concept of energy (e.g. “chi,” “prana,” “vital life force”) refers to subtle pulsations or life energy currents that circulate within and around the body and constitute our aliveness and vitality. Emphasis is placed on five fields of energy connected with the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, ether). These represent different but interrelating frequencies and densities of energy within the body, each one emanating from a still, neutral center or “chakra.” The chakras have particular locations within the spinal column and influence the organs, muscle areas, and associated physiological functions. When all elemental currents are in harmony and moving without constriction, optimal mind-body awareness and health are restored. A typical polarity session starts off with talking between client and therapist before proceeding to the hands-on portion of the session. The initial period of communication is aimed at inquiring into the concerns, feelings, and experiences of the patient so that the therapist can determine both the emotional and the physical issues needing attention. During the bodywork itself, the client lies fully clothed on a massage table while the provider
gives attention to various places where energy is stagnant or constricted.

Craniosacral Therapy: Craniosacral Therapy is a uniquely American form of alternative therapy. It is one of the most gentle, yet powerful forms of alternative treatment available.Craniosacral Therapy is not a massage; for example, you do not disrobe and no creams or oils are used. It's a form of light-touch body work that enhances your body's natural healing processes to improve the operation of your central nervous system. Craniosacral Therapy works towards your optimal health by working with the whole person rather than focusing on your symptoms. Thus, it takes is a very different approach from a traditional medical point of view which seeks to treat your symptoms and considers you to be cured when your symptoms are gone. Craniosacral Therapy also works with the multiple contributing factors that may be causing your symptoms. It can provide support for dealing with challenging times in life, like work-related stresses, relationship issues, school or job changes, serious illness or death of a family member or friend, moving, etc. It can be profoundly relaxing, exhilarating, deeply moving for many people, and it can help you get in touch with and resolve old mental/emotional triggers. This light-touch therapy involves gentle manipulations as the practitioner tests for restrictions and assesses the quality of your craniosacral system, which your body uses to feed and nurture your delicate nervous system tissues. Your body is helped to release blockages and restriction patterns that do not serve your health, allowing many clients to leave feeling restored, refreshed, relaxed, and balanced. The pressure used is exceedingly light and although the focus is in and around the head and spinal column, the treatment may be applied anywhere on the body.


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