Our Floortime Strategies Book

"Floortime Strategies to Promote Development in Children and Teens:

A User's Guide to the DIR Model"

by Andrea Davis, Lahela Isaacson, and Michelle Harwell

Floortime Strategies Book Cover

The step-by-step manual to use in session for therapists and parents to apply the basics of Floortime principles and methods for advancing social skills, emotional regulation, and cognitive comprehension. The guide contains many examples of how to help children from preschool age to school-agers through adolescence get to the next developmental levels. It explains the theory and research behind each strategy. Also included is an appendix of developmental strategies for addressing problem behaviors.

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Watch a video of a member of Greenhouse Therapy Center staff demonstrating how to use strategies from our book to promote higher capacities in an adolescent:

Floortime Strategies: Encouraging Complex Thinking - Capacities 7-9

Chapter by Chapter Overview Here