Amy Demyan, Ph.D.


Dr. Amy Demyan is a licensed psychologist in the State of California and registered yoga teacher
specializing in the treatment of trauma and anxiety, especially integrating mind and body. She
completed her PhD in clinical psychology from Ohio University and her doctoral internship at
California State University, Long Beach. She also earned her Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT)
degree from Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California, and her BA in Psychology from
Miami University. She is currently a tenured Professor of Psychology at the University of La
Verne in La Verne, California, where she previously served as the Chair of the MFT Graduate

Dr. Amy Demyan offers therapeutic services that explore sensations in the body and their role
in emotion and behavior. This work helps clients identify patterns of thinking and reacting.
Awareness is the first step in reaching personal therapy goals. Dr. Demyan offers trauma-
informed yoga therapy where she guides clients through gentle and restorative yoga poses,
focusing on developing breath and body awareness. She also offers traditional talk therapy
through a Gestalt and relational lens. She’s always learning, growing, and keeping up on the important interdisciplinary advancements. Importantly, she works with her own therapist so that she can show up authentically. If you’re feeling unsettled, unsure, and overwhelmed, this supportive, process approach might be a good fit for you.

Licensed Psychologist # 2011056

Insurance acceptance: Out-of-network

Inquiries: Contact [email protected] for availability