Laura Rold, PsyD

Dr Laura Rold

I have had more than a decade of meaningful experience providing services for children, adolescents, adults, and families in various settings, including private practice, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs, and schools ranging from pre-K to college. I transitioned to a clinical specialization in psychological-educational assessments in 2015 and continue to feel energized by this area of support. Though my focus is on assessment, my previous experience as a psychotherapist enters into the testing room as well. This, along with my general appreciation for people and their unique, complex features, provides many clients with a sense of reassurance that they will be understood and cared for. For those who are hesitant, I hope that my warmth and playfulness can reduce the tension of feeling “examined.” I enjoy discovering and connecting the pieces in order to help clients receive the support they need, whether that is an accurate diagnosis, accommodations, or a direction to a certain learning environment or treatment. My work is not just about assessing for challenges but I strive to see the whole person and cultivate an experience of understanding and empathy that goes beyond scores and labels. 

The assessment process is about developing a language to help you advocate for yourself or your loved ones. It is about finding the words for a chapter in an ongoing narrative open to growth and possibility. Many clients find that the personalized reports can be shared with others when they are unsure how to express their experiences and needs. If you enter this process on behalf of yourself or another, you may feel relief when years-long questions or gut feelings are answered and validated; you may experience new insights or feel challenged by updated perspectives; you may simply feel satisfied that you have the information you need in order to keep moving forward with a goal. Whatever your hopes, needs, and concerns are, I am interested in listening and providing a comfortable, informative experience as you make this important and courageous step.

Specializations: Psychological-Educational Evaluations; I provide testing for a range of developmental and emotional-behavioral needs, including learning differences, attention-related disorders, autism, anxiety and OCD, mood disruptions, and obstacles in personality and accessibility of coping skills
Client focus: Age 6 to middle-age adult, inclusive to gender, ethnicity, and religion

Services available: In person  |  Sliding scale: Yes

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