Resilience Skills Class for Young Teens

From the class leader, Tori Halote, LCSW: "The last few years have brought a lot of additional uncertainty into everyone’s lives. Uniquely affected are those who are old enough to know the intricacies of what is going on, but not old enough to have any control over the situation. This is the perfect storm for an increase in anxiety among preteens and young adolescents. This group aims to normalize their experiences and help them identify ways to cope with their feelings, as well as find ways to feel more in control in their lives.

This resilience skills class will consist of 8-10 ninety-minute Zoom or in-person meetings at our office in Pasadena, CA dedicated to helping preteens/young teens to build resilience, coping skills, and self-esteem in the face of difficult experiences, unprecedented times, and personal difficulties. This group would provide strategies for lowering anxiety and stress, as well as increase self-worth and confidence in their ability to persevere through life’s struggles." 

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See video of Tori speaking about her passion for helping youth grow through resilience-building skills.