Summer Resilience Skills Classes for Teens/PreTeens!

"We have suffered a global trauma and we need to talk about it." -- Tori Halote, LCSW

Summer resilience skills classes for preteens/preteens at Greenhouse! Online or in person in Pasadena, CA. 

Anxiety in our general population and especially in adolescence has skyrocketed -- so we want to help provide support and a new way forward for dealing with the stress of adolescent life. 

Our new team member, Tori Halote, LCSW is a specialist in working with children and adolescents in groups and 1:1. She works with teens at LAUSD with mental health challenges during the day and then comes to Greenhouse to offer her amazing talents. She has extra time this summer to offer one of her favorite things for kids: resilience skills classes!  

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